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Hello, this is kpopfactory
I'm writing to tell you one thing.
Our Kpop factory is going to shut down its site after October 2020.
I'm sorry to break this news all of a sudden.
The Covid-19 virus has kept us from shipping for about eight months.
Currently, only a few countries outside the United States are allowed to ship.
However, due to the reduction in aircraft operations, shipping companies demand higher shipping rates even though delivery is not as fast as it used to be.
We had a lot of trouble with the virus's reduction of orders and higher shipping charges.
In the end, we have reduced the number of employees we work and run the site with the least number
But the virus is not over and the world is still struggling.
So we finally decided to shut down the site.
Thank you and sorry for the customers who have been using our site.
I wanted to give you joy with good products and services.
I cheered up by watching your good reviews and tried to run the site harder.
I'd like to say I'm sorry if you were hurt or upset or hurt by us in the process.
In many cases, we tried our best to meet your needs, but it didn't go our way.
I'd like to say I'm sorry to everyone who's hurt.
And I want to say thank you and I love you for unconditionally supporting and loving us.
I've been happy for four years thanks to you guys.
I'm so grateful to you for giving me this unforgettable memory.
Always wish you happiness and good health for all of you.
We look forward to seeing you again.
Thank you & Love You
P.S We are selling products left in stock at a low price, so please pay attention to them.
Since this week is Chuseok holiday, normal shipment will begin next week.

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