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New product

*The wrinkle of the outer envelope is intended as a mail concept, not a bad one.

*The outbox is an anti-shock agent to protect the product and may have slight scratches and discoloration. 

More details

Product Detail

1. Craft Box Envelope_바깥봉투 + Out Box_상자

Size: 310mm*245mm + 306mm*240mm

2. Desk Calendar_탁상달력

Size: 240*164mm / 표지 포함 28P(2018. 1 – 2019. 1)

3. Diary_일 년 기록장

Size: 160mm*240mm / 표지 포함 108P

4. Making DVD_뒷 이야기 약 75분 분량의 시즌그리팅 화보 촬영 현장 및 인터뷰영상

Region Code : 1,3 / Subtitle : English, Chinese 

5. Photo Paper Frame + Postcard_단체엽서와 종이액자,벽에 걸거나 탁상에 세울 수 있는 스타일

Size: 200mm*160mm

6. PostCards_엽서,

Size: 110mm*150mm / 1set(7ea)

7. Stamp Stickers_우표스티커,

Size: 120mm*80mm / 1set(2ea)

8. Pencils_연필, 멤버들의 자필 메시지가 각인되어 있는 연필세트

Size: 25mm*190mm / 1set(3ea)

9. ID Photos_증명사진,

Size: 3*4 / 1set(7ea)

10. Large Craft Envelope_Only Pre-Order      

Size: 225*290mm

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