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[BOOK] BTS Art Revolution (English)


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Recently, a seven-member boy band from Korea called BTS has captivated the globe, forming the most massive and powerful fandom in history. The BTS phenomenon reaches far beyond the typical achievements of pop stars: as Jiyoung Lee illustrates, the changes that have been shown by BTS and their fandom ARMY are not confined to the music industry, but symptomatically shows significant sociocultural changes and revolutionary mutations in art, as well as a Zeitgeist or the political unconscious of the present age.

Lee argues that BTS has made fissures in the oppressive hierarchical structure of existing society and analyzes the socio-critical implications of BTS’ lyrics as a kind of patricide on a social level. Their tendency toward horizontality is not limited to their message, but further inspires fans’ grassroots movements to bring about diverse sociocultural changes. Examining the relation between BTS and their fandom as well as BTS’ online-network-based art form through the concept of Gilles Deleuze, “Rhizome,” she further proposes novel concepts, “network-image” and “sharing value,” which are crucial to understanding the contemporary era’s art form based on the mobile network platform.

Preface to English Edition
Introduction. BTS, their Revolutionary Implications and a New Form of Art
BTS Sweeps the Globe
Serendipity, the Encounter between BTS and ARMY
BTS, a Revolution and a New Form of Art
The BTS Phenomenon as a Seismograph
Why I Write this Book

Part 1. BTS Revolution 

Chapter 1. BTS Pulls the Trigger
Sociocritical Message in BTS’ Songs 
Dream a Different Dream, Dance a Different Dance
Forward with a Cheerful Ridicule!
Patricide, the Dismantling of Established Rules and Norms
Solidarity to the Universe beyond the Globe!

Chapter 2. Deconstructing Social Hierarchy
Horizontal Fantasy
Success Achieved by the I-ARMY
Creations of Fans - Online Content
Disruption of Hierarchy Between Languages
Change Begins Where the Established Orders are Incapacitated 

Chapter 3. Rhizomatic Revolution through Solidarity 
Rhizome: A Horizontal and Acentered System
Principle of Connection
Principle of Heterogeneity and Multiplicity
Principle of Asignifying Rupture
Principle of Cartography
Multiplicity of BTS-ARMY as War-Machine
Revolutionary Praxis and the Cartography of Hope

Part 2. Network-Image as New Art Form 

Chapter 1. Structural Features of BTS’ Videos
General Features of the Music Video: Destruction of Narrative Continuity
Open Structure of BTS’ Videos
Repetition and Transformation of the Similar
Symbolism of Images
Online Installation Videos
Cross-Reference and Spectator Participation
Advent of the Network-Image

Chapter 2. The Network-Image and Sharing Value
Characteristics of the Network-Image
Technological Development and Transformation of Art
Sharing, Participation, Openness on Mobile Network Platform
Actual mobility of the Spectator and Sharing Value
Precursors to the New Form of Art
New Form of Art, Democratization, and Hope 

Appendix. Beyond the Time-Image of Gilles Deleuze: the Network-Image
Advent of a New Form of Art 
The Total System of Cinema 
Deleuze’s Attitude Toward the Electronic Image
Advent of the Network-Image
Role of the New Art: Sharing Value
Beyond the Time-Image: the Third Image
Transforming or Overcoming Deleuzian Film-Philosophy with Spectatorship 


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